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Modelling, Shading and Lighting skills for rendering in Maya or exporting out for game engines

Environment building, Blueprints, full game development. Represented UE4 at EGX 2014

Graphic design, texture creation and web design

3D Sculpting, Modelling, Surface detailing work for baked texture maps, 


My showreel and a collection of images from the projects I've done.

Promotional Shots - Warrior IFV
Environment - UE4 - 2017
Dennis & Gnasher - 2017
The Lawless - Mobile - 2013
Promotional Material - Boomerang APC
Environment - UE4 - 2017
Promotional Material - BMP-T
Promotional Material - Warrior IFV
Dennis & Gnasher - 2017
Promotional Material - AW159 Wildcat
iPhone 6 - Modelling & Shading test
Promotional Material - BMP-T


I'm currently working as Senior 3D Artist at Bohemia Interactive Simulations in London. In addition to my full-time work, I have released some games, most notably, Congo (PC) and The Lawless (iOS & Android) as well as a few 2D mobile apps and games.


Congo was built using Unreal Engine 4 and was chosen by Epic to showcase the next gen tech at EGX 2014 in London and is now available on Steam!


Previously, I was supervising the modelling team at Jellyfish Pictures, producing content for Dreamworks Animation. At Jellyfish, I also supervised a number of their Unreal Engine 4 projects including a VR experience, a project delivering UE4 character assets and animations and some tech demos for replacing traditional VFX renderers with real time rendering for high-profile external clients. I was also Asset Lead for a 52-part full-CG TV show for BBC called Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed.

I have skills in a number of software packages such as Maya, Unreal Engine 4, Substance, Mari, Adobe Creative Apps (Photoshop,After Effects etc.), zBrush and render engines - Redshift and Arnold.



Currently working and living in London, UK.



Tel: +44 (0) 7757634528

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The Lawless - Mobile - 2013

The Lawless is one of my released games for mobile. The development was a team of 3, with myself being the only artist. I was leading the creative direction, asset production, marketing and game design of the project. This was released on iOS and Android in December 2013 and has had over a million downloads.